Insurance Advisory Board

Insurance Advisory Board


The Insurance Advisory Committee is an adhoc group of Orchard Park residents who are in the insurance business, appointed annually by the Town Board. This committee advises the Town Board about the selection of carriers, coverage and deductibles, self insurance and other insurance matters involving required property, auto, and liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. The committee meets on an as needed basis to seek and review quotes from insurance companies, to review claims against the Town and to assist in risk management. The Insurance Brokers Advisory Committee meets annually with the Town Board prior to the expiration of annual insurance policies, to report on claims history and to recommend for the upcoming insurance policy year.

Qualifications / Education

Must be in the Insurance Business and an Orchard Park resident

How to Apply

On this website under Boards & Committees you may download an interest form. Please fill out this form and either email, fax or send to the Municipal Center Attention Supervisor’s Office. 4295 South Buffalo Street, Orchard Park NY 14127