Town of Orchard Park Organizational Meeting

Town of Orchard Park


Town of Orchard Park
[email protected]
Municipal Center


Municipal Center
4295 South Buffalo Street, Orchard Park, NY, USA


Jan 02 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Town of Orchard Park Organizational Meeting

I           Invocation – Michael Sherry

III        Supervisor’s call to order:

  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
  • Fire Safety Notification: “Fire Exits are located at the rear in the Board Room and at the doorway to our left. If notified, please move in a calm and orderly fashion to the nearest exit.”

IV        Blanket Undertaking / Public Officer Law, Section 11(2)

V         Supervisor’s Office:

Budget Director / Chapter 103

Deputy Town Attorney /Chapter 20

Supervisor’s Secretary

Town Prosecutor / Chapter 20

Accountants / Chapter 116

Crew Chief of Special Improvement Districts/Chapter 20

Clerk of Special Improvement Districts / Chapter 20

Standing Committees & Liaison Assignments

VI        Town Clerk’s Office:

                Deputy Town Clerks, Deputy Registrar & Sub-Registrars

Marriage Officers

Records Access Officer(s)

Records Advisory Board / New York State SARA

VII      Superintendent of Highways

Deputy Superintendent of Highways/Chapter 32

VIII      Town Justice

Clerks to the Town Justice

Police Matrons

IX        Town Board:

Establish Standard Work Days for Elected and Appointed Officials for NYS Retirement

Recreation Specialist/Senior Director

Affirmative Action Officer

Americans with Disability Act Coordinator

Bingo Inspector / Chapter 19 Executive Law

Fire Wardens / Chapter 29

Emergency Disaster Committee

Disaster Coordinator & Assistant Disaster Coordinator

Wage Scale for Non-Union Employees

Paydays for Town Employees

Mileage Rate

Official Depositories & Daily Deposits

Town of Orchard Park Investment Policy / Section 10 & 11 of the General Municipal Law

Daily Bank and/or Petty Cash / Chapter 64

Association of Towns Conference in New York, and Delegates to the Conference

Procurement Policy & Purchases / Highway Superintendent and Sewer & Water Department

Purchase Orders for Department Managers

Supervisor’s Annual Report

Claims against Town / Chapter 118

Designate Official Newspaper / Chapter 64

Scheduling Town Board Meetings & Work Sessions / Chapter 62

Town Attorney Liaison to ECIDA

Water, Sewer, Storm Water and Road Specifications

Labor Management Healthcare Fund/Coalition, Inc. (LMHF)

X         Committees, Clerks & Secretaries:

Appointment(s) to the Zoning Board of Appeals / Chapter 267, and

Appoint Part-time Planning Coordinator and Appointment(s) to the Planning Board / Chapter 271

Appointment(s) to the Conservation Board / Chapter 20

Appointment(s) to the Public Safety Committee, Adopt speed & Other Traffic Regulations/ Chapter 20

Appointment(s) to the Economic Development Committee / Chapter 20

Appointment(s) to the Trails Task Force Committee

Appointment(s) to the Employee’s Safety Committee

Appointment of Ex. Director of the Youth Bureau, Youth Court Directory

Appointment(s) to the North & South Buffalo Architectural Overlay District Board

Appointment(s) to Senior Services Task Force Committee

Appointment(s) to Tree Conservancy Committee

Appointment(s) to the Community Activities Center Task Force

Appointment(s) to the Drainage Committee

Appointment(s) to the Historic Preservation Board

Appointment(s) to Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

Appointment(s) to the Recreation Commission

Appointment(s) to Title 6 Coordinator

XI          Establish fees for 2019

XII       Adjournment