Historic Preservation Board

Historic Preservation Board

We currently have 2 position(s) available for this committee.


Norman Stoj

  • Title: Chairman

Thomas Jaeger

  • Title: Architect

Ryan Keem

Wayne Bieler

  • Title: Town Engineer

Danielle Ostrander

  • Title: Secretary

Member needed

Member needed

Member needed

Description & Duties

In 2003, the Town of Orchard Park adopted a Historic Preservation Law which established the Historic Preservation Board. This NINE member volunteer Board as defined by the law, consists of one architect, one historian, one real estate professional, one building contractor or engineer and five Town of Orchard Park residents. Each member serves for four year terms.

The Historic Preservation Board is charged to protect and enhance the landmarks and historic buildings in the Town of Orchard Park that represent distinctive elements of Orchard Park’s historic, architectural and cultural heritage. This Board may recommend the designation of a property or group of properties as an historic site, subject to Town Board approval, as a Town Landmark. In addition, the Historic Preservation Board assists property owners seeking Town, State or National Historic Landmark designations, reviews all applications for building permits on Landmark designated properties and issues approvals prior to the issuance of building permits. The Board is also charged with the task of taking a photographic inventory and historic survey of old buildings in the Town and keeping all records of these properties identified as significant.