Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Town of Orchard Park - Strategic Planning Process

The town board has begun a strategic planning process for our local government. We want to develop and layout a roadmap, if you will, to a desired future state for our community (vision). If conducted properly this process and resultant plan [1] will be forward looking, assessing and predicting perceived threats and opportunities. It [2] will establish a unified direction and priorities for effective decision making (strategic priorities). It [3] will seek for, anticipate and identify solutions to major issues and challenges (effectiveness). It [4] will provide the foundation for making all resource allocation decisions and facilitate doing more with less (efficiency). It [5] should positively impact performance. And it [6] will provide excellent metrics for judging progress and performance (accountability).

We invite you to attend our work sessions every Wednesday evening, 6pm, through February 10th during which we will be working on a strategic plan. We will be updating this site each week so that you can not only remain informed, but will also be able to offer us your feedback and input.

We begin with a question about mission. Please follow this link to the “Topic of the Week“.


Town Strategic Planning Question for January 22, 2016
What is/should be the strategic priorities for town government?
STRATEIGC PRIORITIES – flow from our vision. They inform and guide the development of outcomes/goals.

Town Strategic Planning Question for January 20, 2016
What is/should be the vision for town government?
VISION – articulates where we are going. The rest of the strategic plan will lay out how we’re actually going to get there. Go for a vision that is challenging and inspiring.

Town Strategic Planning Question for January 8, 2016
What is/should be the mission of town government?
MISSION – A mission statement should be a brief and clear statement about an organization’s existence – its reason for being – having a laser-like focus upon its purpose and function.