Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Town of Orchard Park - Strategic Planning Process

Forward looking

It is the difference between being proactive or reactive; between being on the defensive or the offensive; between being a victim of circumstances or be victorious in our labors.  Not every situation can be foreseen, but we can make decisions and react to changing conditions, planning around and taking advantage of opportunities and trends. Strategic planning allows us to make our future happen instead of letting it happen to us.

Establish direction

Clearly defines the purpose of our departments and establishes realistic goals and objectives consistent with their respective missions which can be clearly communicated to citizens and employees.  We need a clear vision of what we want our departments to achieve, and a mission or purpose for doing so. Even though change is occurring rapidly, a strategic plan provides a set of priorities from which to gaze into and plan for the future, and establishes boundaries for effective decision making.

Find solutions to major organizational issues/challenges

The strategic planning process, if done properly, gives all stakeholders of the organization an opportunity to develop consensus solutions to long-term issues and/or challenges that have been affecting the organization.

Doing more with less

In today’s environment every organization has to do more with less. A well-developed strategic plan becomes the foundation for making all resource allocation decisions – money and people – in a unified fashion. It ensures the most effective use is made of the organization’s resources by focusing its resources on the key priorities. It allows budgeting forward.

Improved performance

Study after study has consistently proven that if conducted properly, strategic planning can positively impact the performance of the organization.

Improved performance evaluation

The level to which achievement of the plan and its outcomes are achieved become excellent metrics for judging progress, as well as organizational and personnel performance.

Mutual understanding between board, departments and staff

By clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the board, departments and staff in and through the strategic planning process and working collaboratively to craft the plan, current relationships will be enhanced.