Garbage & Recycling

Garbage & Recycling

We have contracted with Waste Management for garbage and recycling since 2016. Questions and issues regarding pickup will be handled through the Town of Orchard Park. Please call 662-6400.

There will be no change or delay in service due to Veteran’s Day!


Town of Orchard Park Pickup and Recycling Schedule

Garbage and recycling pick up will always be on the same day of the week, however garbage is picked up weekly and recycling is picked up every other week.

A special 65-gallon recycling tote is necessary so the automated truck can grab the tote to empty it.  Recycling totes are given to homeowners and should remain with any existing home when the home is sold. Building contractors are required to provide homeowners with recycling totes for new builds.

Tote Placement

  • Do not place the tote within 4 feet of your mailbox or any fixed structure or object
  • Place cart within 2 feet of curb
  • Place all recyclables in the tote with excess next to the tote
  • The handle of the cart should be facing the house


Residents may purchase additional totes or replacement totes by contacting the Town Clerk’s office at 662-6410.

Homeowners are responsible for purchasing garbage cans through their favorite supplier.

Large trash information:  Waste Management will pick up one bulky item per week, year round unless it is a restricted item listed below.  Please place your bulk item at the curb with your regular trash.

Christmas trees are picked up by the Town of Orchard Park and taken to our compost site. They are not part of trash pick up and will not be picked up by Waste Management. There is no set schedule for pick up, but following the holiday, we frequently travel throughout the town collecting the trees.

Additional information:

Find your street on the street listing, if it is shaded match it to the shaded week on the recycling calendar to determine the pickup week; if it is unshaded, match it to the unshaded week on the recycling calendar to determine the pickup week.

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