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Architectural Overlay District Committee

   |   8:30 PM - 4:30 PM |   1 Openings


The purpose of the Architectural Overlay District is to maintain and enhance the unique character of North Buffalo Road from the Village of Orchard Park north border to Southwestern Boulevard.

Board of Ethics

   |   Volunteer |   8:30 am to 4:30 pm |   1 Openings

Qualifications / Education

Must be a resident of Orchard Park

Economic Development Committee

   |   Permanent |   8:30AM - 4:30PM |   1 Openings


The role of the OPEDC is to be the first and most obvious contact to be made by outside parties looking to bring economic development to the Southtowns. The OPEDC performs in an advisory capacity to the Town and Village Boards on matters pertaining to economic development and maintenance of a viable business friendly economic climate in the Town of Orchard Park.

The OPEDC acts as facilitators in assisting companies, groups and individuals interested in bringing business to Orchard Park or expansion of local business.

Historic Preservation Board

   |   Volunteer |   8:30am to 4:30pm |   2 Openings


The Historic Preservation Board is charged to protect and enhance the landmarks and historic buildings in the Town of Orchard Park that represent distinctive elements of Orchard Park’s historic, architectural and cultural heritage. This Board may recommend the designation of a property or group of properties as an historic site, subject to Town Board approval, as a Town Landmark. In addition, the Historic Preservation Board assists property owners seeking Town, State or National Historic Landmark designations, reviews all applications for building permits on Landmark designated properties and issues approvals prior to the issuance of building permits. The Board is also charged with the task of taking a photographic inventory and historic survey of old buildings in the Town and keeping all records of these properties identified as significant.

Insurance Advisory Board

   |   Permanent |   8:30AM - 4:30PM |   3 Openings


The Insurance Advisory Committee is an adhoc group of Orchard Park residents who are in the insurance business, appointed annually by the Town Board. This committee advises the Town Board about the selection of carriers, coverage and deductibles, self insurance and other insurance matters involving required property, auto, and liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. The committee meets on an as needed basis to seek and review quotes from insurance companies, to review claims against the Town and to assist in risk management. The Insurance Brokers Advisory Committee meets annually with the Town Board prior to the expiration of annual insurance policies, to report on claims history and to recommend for the upcoming insurance policy year.

Recreation Commission

   |   Permanent |   8:30AM - 4:30PM |   1 Openings


The seven member Recreation Commission was established pursuant to Town Law by the Town Board in 1998. Prior to this a Recreation Committee which met on an as needed basis to advise the Town Board, completed an initial survey of Town residents to assess recreational activities and needs in Orchard Park, and advised the Town Board of the need for a Recreation Commission. Members of the Recreation Commission are appointed to seven year terms by the Town Board. Each year one member’s term expires. The Commission’s main function is to develop a master plan for recreation, including parks, facilities and programs which meet the present and future needs of the community. The Commission is charged with providing well researched and well thought out recommendations to the Town Board to enhance and expand recreation. The members of the Commission work closely with the Recreation Director, the Town Board, the Engineering Department, the Parks and Grounds Superintendent, the Planning Board, and the Trails Task Force. In addition the Commission works to develop partnerships with various volunteer recreational groups to assist the Town in providing recreation as deemed appropriate by the Town Board.

Tree Conservancy

   |   Volunteer |   1 Openings


Mission Statement:

The Town of Orchard Park believes a health urban forest is an integral part of the town infrastructure and essential for the well being of all area residents.  it is the town’s responsibility to protect, regulate and establish funding to plant, maintain and remove trees and shrubs on town-owned lands and within public right-of-way in a responsive, environmentally sensitive and economical manner.

Part Time

Part Time Court Clerk

   |   Part Time |   19 |   1 Openings

Job Description

Assist Court Clerks with such tasks as: Maintain and handle traffic tickets, prepare court calendar, enter convictions on drivers’ licenses, and prepare conviction reports electronically transmitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Respond to inquiries – in person, by phone, by email, and by mail. Effectively communicate information orally and in writing. Retrieve and file materials from various sources for entry onto court forms and assist the court clerks during court proceedings. Computer skill required. Knowledge of basic legal terminology, codes, and abbreviations preferred. Must be present to assist on court nights. All court matters and information are to be kept confidential unless otherwise ordered by the court.

Forward resumes to Judges Edward A. Pace and Jorge deRosas

Part-Time Nutrition Coordinator

   |   Nutrition Coordinator |   1 Openings

Nutrition Coordinator

The Orchard Park Senior Center, located at 70 Linwood Ave. Orchard Park NY 14127 is looking for a part-time Nutrition Coordinator for the Senior Stay Fit Lunch/Dining Program.  Must have previous food service experience including job related record keeping.  Must have appositive, pleasant attitude; service conscious, and enjoy working with the senior population.  If you have a commitment to quality, want to work with great people in a great place, we would like to hear from you.  If interested please e-mail your resume to: [email protected], or mail it to Orchard Park Senior Center, 70 Linwood Ave. Orchard Park NY 14127 Attn: Debbie Santiago EOE