Planning Board

Planning Board


Harold T. Fabinsky

  • Title: Chairman

Nicholas G. Baich

Alex Long

Henry Heppner

David Kaczor

Gregory Bennett

Philip Murray

David Mellerski

  • Title: Alternate

Town Supervisor Gene Majchrzak

  • Title: Town Board Liaison

Description & Duties

The Planning Board, established in 1948 pursuant to New York State and Town Law, consists of seven members and one alternate appointed by the Town Board. The members serve for a seven year term, with one members’ term expiring annually, except for the alternate member who is appointed annually for a one year term. The Planning Board reviews all development projects and subdivision developments which take place in the Town, and makes recommendations on all commercial, industrial, and business development to the Town Board. The Planning Board has full approval authority, and binding jurisdictional authority regarding all residential subdivision developments, on which the Town Board may make recommendations. This Board is also charged with generating and reviewing proposed ordinances intended to become part of Orchard Park Town Law, review and recommendation on proposed zoning changes and review from time to time of existing zoning codes with recommendations for updating and appropriate changes. This Board works closely with the Conservation Board, the Town Board, the Engineering Department, and the Planning Department. The Planning Board meets the second Thursday each month at 7:00 P.M., and their agenda can be found on the Town Calendar. If there is no meeting it will be noted on the day of the meeting on the Town Calendar.




Remy C. Orffeo
Acting Planning Coordinator
Phone: 716.662.6432 Ext. 2202

Rosemary Messina

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 716.662.6432 Ext. 2202


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