Community Activity Center

Community Activity Center

Declaration of State of Emergency



Effective at 6PM on this date, the  Town and Village of Orchard Park will be activating a State of Emergency.  This preemptive measure, already undertaken by both New York State and Erie County, will allow us to better manage our community’s emergency response and provide direction during this challenging time. In addition, the Orchard Park Senior/Community Activity Center will be closed until further notice as of 8AM on Monday 3/16/2020


Issuing Authority: PIO – Capt. Patrick Fitzgerald  Date: 3/15/2020


The Town of Orchard Park will be posting updates pertaining to the Community Activity Center on this page.

For more information about the Community Activity Center,
please email us at [email protected] or call us at 716-662-6400 ext. 4520

For more information about the Orchard Park Senior Center, visit:
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For more information about the Orchard Park Recreation visit:
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A Look Inside Orchard Park’s New Community Center (Click here)


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Brush Mountain Multi-generational Community Center

Construction of our new Orchard Park Community Activity Center in Brush Mountain Park is complete.

With projected increases in our senior and youth populations for decades to come, the concept of a community activity center for Orchard Park was first proposed ten years ago. The idea is to combine all of Orchard Park’s recreation departments and activities into one complex. Doing so will not only address a growing list of deficiencies but will create greater efficiencies of service.

This facility will serve as the new home for the Orchard Park Senior Center and the Recreation Department for Orchard Park’s youth. It also offers space for special events, classes, and community presentations for all residents. The Community Activity Center will improve the quality of life for all residents by offering social and recreational activities in a single, comprehensive, and innovative facility that will continually serve generations well into the future.

A central location, ample parking, and long-term cost savings — an idea whose time has come.

Regular updates on progress, decisions and financials will be posted on this page, at least every three months. So be sure to check back from time to time.

The square foot amounts are as follows (note dollar amount are estimates):

$20 million, 69,000 square feet

$30-33 million, 136,000 square feet