Community Activity Center

Community Activity Center


The Town of Orchard Park will be posting updates pertaining to the Community Activity Center on this page.

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Brush Mountain Multi-generational Community Center

With projected increases in our senior and youth populations for decades to come, the idea of a community activity center was first proposed ten years ago. The idea is to combine all of Orchard Park’s government provided recreation departments and activities into one complex. Doing so would not only address a growing list of deficiencies, it will create greater efficiencies of service, meaning more value for tax dollars. Thus a 2007-2009 study and eventual Master Plan, the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, a 2011 interim community center plan, a 2015-2016 updating of the Master Plan’s community center, two task forces, and a 2016 scientific poll followed a few months later by a referendum, each and all have affirmed the desire for and benefits of building a community activities center.

Accordingly we have finalized building plans, borrowed the $16 million authorized by the referendum, prepared the earth, and awarded the contracts. Very shortly ground will be broken and the long-envisioned Community Activities Center (CAC) will begin to rise. Completion and occupancy is anticipated in early 2020. The CAC steering committee will continue with its oversight work and decision-making throughout the build. But rest assured, there will be no more borrowing and no drawing out funds from our unassigned reserves.

Regular updates on progress, decisions and financials will be posted on this page, at least every three months. So be sure to check back from time to time.

View from the parking lot to the front entrance of the new Community Activity Center (computer render)

View of the new gymnasium for the new Community Activity Center (computer render)

The square foot amounts are as follows (note dollar amount are estimates):

Phase 1-2

$20 million (phases 1-2): 69,000 square feet

Phase 1-4

$30-33 million (all phases): 136,000 square feet