Engineering Department

Engineering Department

The Town of Orchard Park Engineering Department is located on the second floor of the Municipal Center on South Buffalo Street in the Village.


Mission Statement:

The primary goal of the Orchard Park Engineering Department is to deliver effective service to the community providing professional management and development of public works facilities that protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens.


Engineering Department Tasks

  • Provides technical guidance and assistance to the Town Board and various Town Departments
  • Oversee the operation of the Sewer and Water Department.
  • Undertakes infrastructure management activities including construction, maintenance and repair of pump stations, lift stations, sanitary sewer systems, drainage systems, bridges, waterline extensions and replacement, building improvements, etc.
  • Administers contracts for professional engineering consultant services, prepare project construction cost estimates, prepare budgets and reports concerning construction activities. Plan long range capital projects.
  • Implement operations and maintenance procedures to comply with State and Federal regulations and environmental mandates. (Western New York Stormwater Coalition)
  • Administer Public improvement Permits
  • Administer Public Works Project:
    Project management, contract administration, inspection; record keeping, etc. for various capital improvement projects including:
    – Storm sewer/drainage systems
    – Sanitary sewer/pump station/rehabilitation
    – Parking lot construction
    – Highway construction/reconstruction
    – Bridge construction rehabilitation
    – Building construction and renovation/remodeling
    – Highway lighting
    – Waterline rehabilitation and construction
  • Review commercial/industrial/residential development plans for compliance with established regulations, codes and standards.
  • Residential – subdivision plan review; lot grading and drainage; sanitary sewer extension; utility extensions; highway design; highway lighting systems; map covers; easements; review of legal descriptions, deeds, etc.
  • Commercial/industrial site plan review; stormwater management and detention basin design; co-ordinate approvals with other regulatory agencies
  • Prepare specification for various Town projects; sanitary sewer extensions, water line extensions, consulting services, re-roofing, new buildings, etc.
  • Provide for aerial and photogramatic mapping for the Town. Update the official Town street map, maintain Town geodetic control, provide construction surveying to other departments.
  • Provide technical advice to property owners on sewer and drainage related problems
  • Maintains an extensive inventory of Town facilities documents and records