Stormwater Management

Pollutants of Concern

Pollutants of Concern

Pollutants of Concern (POCs) are pollutants that are reasonably expected to be present in the stormwater discharge. The following Pollutants of Concern often result from common uses of land within communities and have the potential to be contained in stormwater:

Waterbodies of Concern: Smokes Creek and Tributaries

Pollutant of Concern: Sediment/Silt; pathogens; floatables; phosphorous

Silt/Sediment- Soil/dirt that fall out of suspension quickly. Common sources include construction, soil erosion and municipal operations.

Pathogens- Possible from illicit discharge and pet wastes left on paved surfaces.

Floatables- Street litter that floats on or near the surface.

Phosphorus- Attaches to soil particles. A common source is fertilizer used in household, business or municipal operations.

Geographic Areas of Concern:

Geographic Areas of Concern might include commercial areas, older residential areas served by individual septic systems, areas of growth (construction activities that have the potential to impact the MS4 are regulated to the municipal boundaries), area where industrial activities occur, or areas that may be adjacent to or contributing discharge to waters already identified as being impaired.

Geographic Areas of Concern: Water shed areas associated with Smokes Creek and Green Lake.